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#Game Booking Close Result TimeResult

1.FARIDABAD11:00:00 PM12:30 AM38

2.DISAWAR02:00:00 AM5:05 AM37

3.SAVERA01:10:00 PM1:30 PM12

4.MATKA SONE KA01:20:00 PM1:50 PM10

5.RJ01:30:00 PM2:10 PM19

6.MATHURA02:00:00 PM2:30 PM32

7.DELHI STATE02:05:00 PM3:05 PM68

8.MANGLAM03:30:00 PM3:30 PM29

9.HR03:00:00 PM3:50 PM81

10.BALBHGARH03:20:00 PM4:00 PM36

11.UP BAZAAR04:15:00 PM4:30 PM26

12.GOLD04:30:00 PM5:15 PM56

13.CHENNAI EXPRESS04:40:00 PM5:20 PM40

14.AURANGABAD05:20:00 PM5:30 PM91

15.GAZIABAD04:55:00 PM6:00 PM02

16.DELHI SIX06:20:00 PM6:30 PM30

17.NEW BOMBAY06:30:00 PM7:00 PM--

18.CHANDIGARH06:35:00 PM7:05 PM88

19.JAIPUR07:30:00 PM8:00 PM46

20.GANPATI08:05:00 PM8:05 PM37

21.UP SUPER08:00:00 PM8:10 PM87

22.FARIDABAD NIGHT08:20:00 PM9:00 PM41

23.DELHI EXPRESS07:55:00 PM9:05 PM37

24.DESAWER NIGHT09:50:00 PM9:50 PM44

25.GALI08:30:00 PM10:00 PM95

26.RAJASTHAN NIGHT11:10:00 PM11:30 PM--

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